Meet Joe

World Acclaimed Motivator and Speaker
After overcoming a severe childhood speech impediment Joseph B. Washington now speaks to audiences across the world. He is President and CEO of Average Breaker, LLC. which specializes in training members of corporations, non-profit organizations, colleges, and maintain excellence. He is a featured writer in the book Walking with the Wise, along with Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Ziglar, and many more.

My goal is to help you destroy everything that is AVERAGE about who you are and what you do.

Joseph B. Washington, Excerpt from Let Average Go

The Book

Let Average Go

7 Keys to Turn your Average into Awesome

Are you tired of living an ordinary life? Do you want to shed the predictable day-to-day routine and make your dreams a reality?

Acclaimed speaker and motivator Joseph B. Washington reveals his revolutionary approach to overcoming mediocrity in Let Average Go. Take a life-changing journey from average to awesome as Joe tells you how to:
  • Adopt an attitude that will bring you success
  • Manage your time by moving against the crowd
  • Explore the benefits of getting the right mentor in your life
  • Discover the one daily exercise that separates the average from the great
  • Defeat your opposition permanently
  • Guard your goals and make them reality
  • Evaluate your belief system to empower your decisions
  • And much more!

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